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The Research and Evaluation Unit is responsible for developing and implementing the Performance Framework and criteria used by the Commission for the appraisal of the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police.

Implementing the framework involves data collection, research and analysis which the Unit undertakes in order to prepare the annual appraisal reports on the performance of the CoP and DCoPs. The R&E Unit therefore conducts annual surveys of the General Public to ascertain their levels of trust and confidence in the police; conducts an annual survey of members of the TTPS to determine their job satisfaction, wellbeing and conditions of work; conducts focus groups and meetings with stakeholders to determine the quality of service they receive from the police; and attends and reviews town hall meetings held with communities.

The Research and Evaluation Unit also designs  and utilises data capture forms to be used in research, monitoring and appraisals. These forms include the survey forms, field interview forms, self-rating forms, peer appraisal forms and Quarterly Reporting Forms.

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