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The Police Service Commission (PolSC), receives administrative, technical and financial support from the Service Commissions Department (SCD) through the Police Service Commission Secretariat (PolSec). The SCD is headed by the Director of Personnel Administration (DPA) who is the Accounting Officer for all Service Commissions.

The Police Service Commission Secretariat was established by Cabinet Minute No. 1564 dated 21st June, 2007.

It supports the Police Service Commission in its examination of the performance of the Commissioner of Police (CoP) and Deputy Commissioners of Police (DCoPs) through monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of police systems, and operations using pre-determined and agreed indicators and targets.

The Secretariat also provides administrative and clerical services to the Commission’s Appeal Tribunal as well as assists in the dissemination of information and the conduct of the Commission’s public education programmes.

The Secretariat is headed by an Executive Director Human Resource Management and comprised of six (6) functional Units namely Administration, Legal, Appeals Body, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research and Evaluation and Public Education. The current organisational structure currently comprises thirty-three (33) contract positions many of which have a life span of three (3) years.

Office of the Executive Director, Human Resource Management

This unit conducts audits of the administration of financial and human resources processes in the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service which includes the disciplinary, recruitment and complaint processes. The Unit also audits physical resources, and other record keeping systems. Data collected from site visits, documents examination, systems reviews, reports and interviews is analysed to ascertain the extent of compliance with established procedures; the strengths and weaknesses of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service’s internal control mechanisms as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the performance of the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police.

The Research and Evaluation Unit is responsible for developing and implementing the Performance Framework and criteria used by the Commission for the appraisal of the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police.

Implementing the framework involves data collection, research and analysis which the Unit undertakes in order to prepare the annual appraisal reports on the performance of the CoP and DCoPs. The R&E Unit therefore conducts annual surveys of the General Public to ascertain their levels of trust and confidence in the police; conducts an annual survey of members of the TTPS to determine their job satisfaction, wellbeing and conditions of work; conducts focus groups and meetings with stakeholders to determine the quality of service they receive from the police; and attends and reviews town hall meetings held with communities.

The Research and Evaluation Unit also designs  and utilises data capture forms to be used in research, monitoring and appraisals. These forms include the survey forms, field interview forms, self-rating forms, peer appraisal forms and Quarterly Reporting Forms.

The Public Education Unit is responsible for developing and guiding the Commission’s public education strategy as well as communicating with all stakeholders about the Commission’s evaluation of the performance of the Commissioner of Police and Deputy Commissioners of Police. Its activities include providing communication advice, proactive media relations, media monitoring, management of internal communications internal communications, public relations and outreach.

The Appeals Unit provides support to the Commission in the form of case management and trancriptional evidence in accordance with the Commission’s responsibility to hear and determine appeals in respect of disciplinarly and promotional decisions of the Commissioner of Police.

The Legal Unit was established to advise the Commission on the legal interpretation of relevant Acts and Regulations; review documents; assist the Commission through extensive legal research on issues relevant to its constitutional functions; and advise on legislation and other matters pertaining to the Police Service.

The Administration Unit provides internal support services that include office management, records management, registry and facilities management, which contribute to the effective operations of the Commission.

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