Teaching Service 

Where is the Teaching Service (Secondary) Department located?

The Teaching Service (Secondary) Department is situated on the Fourth Floor of the Service Commissions Department Building located at 52-58 Woodford Street, Port of Spain.

How do I apply for a Teaching position in a Secondary School?

Application forms can be collected from the Service Commissions Department; however the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education (Curriculum Division) is responsible for assessing the applicant’s suitability for serving as a Teacher in the Teaching Service.

What is the process of interviewing candidates?

(i)    Candidates who have been assessed by the Ministry of Education are on a database in    
         the Teaching Service (Secondary) according to the dates of their assessment.

(ii)    Candidates are then called for interviews by the Teaching Service Commission  
        (Recruitment Committee) in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of Education in  
        the relevant subject areas.

(iii)    Successful candidates are then placed on a Priority List and sent to the Permanent  
         Secretary, Ministry of Education.

How are candidates recruited in schools?

Candidates are normally placed depending on availability of vacancies and subject area.

What is an upgrade?

An upgrade is the movement of an officer from a lower status to a higher status; for example, from the status of Teacher I (Secondary) to Teacher II/Teacher III (Secondary).  

Who can be upgraded?

Candidates who have completed a degree programme or any other required training courses.

Can teachers access their personal records?

Copies of appointment, confirmation, permission to retire, temporary appointment and promotion letters can be accessed by teachers. However, any additional records will have to be acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.