Allegations of Misconduct

Where is the Public Service Investigations Unit located? 

This unit is located on the Fourth Floor, Service Commissions Department, Cipriani Plaza, 52-58 Woodford Street, Port of Spain.

Why the need for a Public Service Investigations Unit?

Allegations of misconduct or indiscipline against officers in Public Service are serious because they have potential adverse effects on a public officer’s career and livelihood.
For this reason, investigations into any allegation of misconduct or indiscipline against public officers must be dealt with in a timely and professional manner.
It is also important that any public officer who commits acts of misconduct knows that he/she will be brought to account in a relatively short space of time.
Further, there are legal implications to the Public Service Commission if the investigation of allegations are not dealt with in accordance with the timelines as laid out in Regulation 90 of the Public Service Commission Regulations Chapter 1:01 of the Constitution. The Public Service Commission must always comply with its own regulations.
It was also thought that the Public Service Investigations Unit should be staffed by legally trained professionals so as to reduce possible challenges to the legality of the process.